6 free software to convert youtube to mp3 for iphone


In this post, you can easily learn 3 recommended YouTube to lớn MP3 converters on iPhone. Their features, pros and cons are introduced, keep reading and get the best for you.

Downloading YouTube videos has become easier over the last five years. You have several services that offer a 1-tap button to download videos in the resolution of your choice. To save us from the trouble, there are a few apps for the iPhone that can convert YouTube videos to MP3 directly on the phone.

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In the following part, we have listed several YouTube to lớn MP3 converter apps on iPhone that supports converting YouTube khổng lồ MP3 easily & quickly. Let’s take a look. To lớn help you get the job done, we’ll also guide you khổng lồ installing and using these ứng dụng on your iPhones.

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# 1. YouTube++


Convert YouTube to mp3 on iPhone

YouTube ++ would be the sleekest YouTube to lớn MP3 converter you will find for iPhone. With the YouTube++ app, you can convert any YouTube video to MP3 with one tap. It is inspired by the version which was initially available for Android. Its features you may be interested in:

Audio player that can play virtually all the formats, apart from the ones downloaded from YouTube.Convert the tải về videos into different formats & audio as well.Stream using the audio-only player in the background without loading the video. That will help you save on the data bills.


The user interface is identical lớn the official app; easy to lớn operate.Play audio in the background if you don’t wish to use up the iPhone’s space.Use it as a regular YouTube client và take benefit of the extra features.


Updates khổng lồ the client are not consistent.

How lớn Convert YouTube khổng lồ MP3 with YouTube++

Launch YouTube++ phầm mềm on your iPhone.Copy and paste the YouTube đoạn clip URL into the middle box of YouTube++ app.To extract audio from YouTube videos with YouTube++, simply hit the extract button from the lower side.

# 2. Video Downloader Pro


Video download Pro

Video Downloader Pro is a modified web browser that allows you to download videos, audio, phones, & more from any trang web on the Internet. Some of its features:

Full-integrated browser to search for YouTube videos before converting and downloading them into MP3s.Password protect vault for storing downloaded files.Share và send the file to the iTunes offline library.


No advertisements.Auto scans YouTube to tải về files.Straightforward UI.

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Lacks tutorials to get started

How lớn Convert YouTube to MP3 with đoạn phim Downloader Pro

Visit Video Downloader Pro website on a web browser on your iPhone.Copy the URL of the YouTube video that you want khổng lồ extract audio from.Paste the YouTube clip URL into the đoạn clip Downloader Pro phầm mềm URL box.Hit the search button to tải về YouTube lớn MP3.

# 3. Shortcut App


Shortcut for YouTube Convert

Shortcut app is one of the rather basic utility apps for game ios that lets you create shortcuts for specific actions. Some great features of the Shortcut app you may lượt thích to know:

Convert downloaded YouTube videos into audio straight away.Two audio formats are available – M4A and AAF.One-tap conversion after the initial setup.


Batch convert lớn audio.The fastest way to convert clip into MP3.Dedicated tải về manager.


Moderately difficult one-time setup

App permission for installing Third-party apps

Please lưu ý that, iPhones don’t allow apps to be run which are installed from outside the phầm mềm store by mặc định for security. For security reasons, you need to enable the permission for launching third-party apps first:

Step 1. Head to Settings > Tap General > Find the Profiles option > Now locate the section titled Untrusted Apps và Tap it

Step 2. Find the app you are trying lớn install và tap Trust Name of App.. > Confirm your choice by hitting the words Verify App.

How to lớn Convert YouTube lớn MP3 with Shortcut App

Launch YouTube to lớn MP3 Shortcut ứng dụng on your iPhone.From the home screen, search, find, and select a YouTube clip that you want to convert lớn MP3 audio.Shortcut tiện ích gives you the option lớn convert YouTube to various audio formats, which include MP3, so hit the convert button from the lower-right side lớn convert YouTube to MP3.

The Bottom Line

There are few YouTube videos lớn MP3 converters available for the iPhone. It is wise to lớn use a trusted phầm mềm to bởi so. Beware of kém chất lượng apps that ask for credentials of your YouTube without providing the utility.

Also, you can try a free đoạn phim converter khổng lồ help you convert YouTube to lớn MP3 for iPhone on PC.