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On an island of haves and have-nots, teen John B enlists his three best friends to lớn hunt for a legendary treasure linked lớn his father's disappearance.

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On an island of haves và have-nots, teen John B enlists his three best friends to hunt for a legendary treasure linked khổng lồ his father's disappearance.

After a hurricane, John B, JJ, Pope & Kiara plunge headlong into danger & adventure when they find a mysterious sunken wreck.

Convinced that the clue found onboard the boat connects to his missing father, John B leads his friends on an increasingly frantic tìm kiếm for answers.

As the gang hatches an illicit scheme lớn get lớn the bottom of the deep-sea mystery, John B confronts Sarah while Pope jumps at the chance for revenge.

When John B's supervision-free trang chủ life catches up to lớn him, he receives a well-timed assist — & some spiffing up — from the last person he expects.

John B believes he's made a breakthrough in the hunt for the gold, but his desire to include Sarah in the quest causes friction among the friends.

A spooky island legend, a broken friendship and John B’s new living situation keep the crew on their toes as they search high and low for the treasure.

JJ's reckless behavior ramps up when the friends try to score some quick cash. Meanwhile, John B grows closer to lớn Sarah — và makes her dad suspicious.

John B finally learns the truth about his dad — & sets off a chain of events that jeopardizes everything he và his friends have fought to lớn accomplish.

With his options dwindling và enemies closing in, John B looks for an exit plan. Sarah feels pressured to pick a side. Pope lets his emotions out.

An island crawling with law enforcement & a looming tropical storm are just two of the obstacles facing John B as he tries lớn make his escape.

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With a fortune in gold at stake and their futures on the line, the Pogues rush headlong into danger & a fresh mystery as they face foes old và new.

John B tries lớn evade capture as he zeroes in on the gold, but a promise khổng lồ Sarah could derail his plans. Back home, his friends face life without him.

With time running out, John B & Sarah strike an uneasy bargain, while Kiara, JJ & Pope search for evidence that could implicate Ward và Rafe.

A desperate scramble for help lands John B và Sarah in questionable surroundings. Pope receives a mysterious summons to an out-of-town meeting.

Low on gas và strapped for cash, John B và Sarah run into trouble. Pope's appointment in Charleston takes an ominous turn over a proposed trade.

JJ cooks up a risky plan khổng lồ help out John B. Pope hunts down information about the key. Kiara and Sarah both khuyến mãi with family fallout over the Pogues.

John B bristles when Sarah reconnects with a former flame. Ward's web of lies starts to unravel. Pope discovers a shocking family secret.

Reeling from Ward's actions, Sarah finds her loyalties to lớn John B and the Pogues put to lớn the test. At the annual bonfire, jealousies and tempers flare.

Armed with new clues, the group braves perilous roads & swampland as they race to keep part of Pope's history from falling into the wrong hands.

The Pogues khuyến mãi with a slew of setbacks — a medical emergency, a nosy neighbor, parental ultimatums — as they attempt lớn save Pope's family legacy.

John B, Pope, JJ and Kiara brace for a showdown on board the ship, while Sarah realizes the harsh truth of her distressing family situation.

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