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The Popular South Korean Celebrity Couple, Park Seo-joon và Baek Jin-hee

The famous South Korean actor và actress couple who have been rumored of dating are Park Seo-joon and Baek Jin-hee. The two of them met while working together on the MBC drama titled Gold, Appear!, in 2013. In the drama, the 27-year-old actor và 25-year-old actress played a young married couple. They had a very strong on-screen chemistry so viewers hoped that they will become partners in real life. After the drama ended, they kept contacting each other.

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Dating Rumors


Park Seo-joon & Baek Jin-hee, who had their first encounter on the 2013 MBC drama Pots of Gold, acting as a young và immature married couple continued their relationship from there on. According to a truyền thông media representative, issuing a statement on January 5th, the two of them had been dating for two years. When a scandal broke out last July, their agencies denied the romance, saying that they were only close friends.

According to other media representatives, Park Seo-joon và Baek Jin-hee did not want the public to know they were dating because their careers had just started getting public attention. They decided that revealing their relationship would only be a burden for their acting careers, especially when they were right in the spotlight of the drama.

However, despite the denial, their agencies issued, the two of them caught the eyes of viewers by wearing several pairs of rings together and sharing photos wearing jackets from the same brand on social media.

Park Seo-joon even moved to Geumhodong, Seoul, where Baek Jin-hee lives. This is lớn make it easier for them to lớn develop their relationship. According to lớn eyewitness neighbors, both of them openly reveal their intimate status by walking around the neighborhood or having intimate dates in a car.

Although the couple seems khổng lồ be unaware of the public eyes, their agencies are very worried about this situation. A representative from Snow Boll Entertainment, the agency that houses Baek Jin-hee, said, “It is not easy for an actress to reveal her relationship if both are not ready to get married.”

Park Seo-joon will play the role of the twin brother Hwang Jung-eum in the MBC drama Kill Me Heal Me, which is scheduled lớn be aired on January 7th, & Baek Jin-hee is currently starring in the MBC drama, Pride và Prejudice.

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Responses From Their Agencies


Actress Baek Jin-hee & actor Park Seo-joon were recently reported to lớn be in a special relationship.

This was reported directly by a women’s magazine called Woman Sense. According lớn an article in the magazine, Baek Jin-hee and Park Seo-joon have been in a relationship for the past year. Apparently, these two celebrities became partners during the shooting of the MBC drama titled Gold, Appear!.

In answer to the news, the agencies of both parties immediately responded. Park Seo-joon’s agency, Key East Entertainment revealed, “It’s true that the two of them became close because of filming together, but they are not lovers.”

The agency of Baek Jin-hee, Snowball Entertainment also issued a statement, “When we confirmed it directly with Baek Jin-hee, she said it was true that the of them were good friends, but they were not dating.”

Currently, Baek Jin-hee is busy filming the drama Triangle where she is acting together with JYJ’s Jaejoong and ZE:A’s Si-wan.

Pak Seo-joon Opened up About the Recurring Dating Rumors with Baek Jin-hee


During a press conference for the MBC drama Kill Me Heal Me, on January 21, Park Seo-joon said, “I don’t know where the eyewitness account came from when I didn’t even meet up with her.”

One truyền thông outlet previously reported that Park Seo-joon và Baek Jin-hee have been dating for two years. According lớn the report, Park Seo-joon recently moved lớn Geumho-dong, where Baek Jin-hee lives, which made it easier for them lớn date. This was the second time that the two people have been caught in a dating rumor. About this, both their agencies stated, “They are just close colleagues & are not dating.”

His stance was not much different from his agency’s as Park Seo-Joon said, “I also read the news và there was one thing they were right about. It’s true that we live in the same neighborhood. I moved to the area after getting advised to vì so because my old neighborhood had many problems with parking but I didn’t know that it would cause such a big problem. There was a picture showing that we were wearing couple’s padding jackets but that jacket was sponsored.”

About being involved in dating rumors with Baek Jin-hee on repeated accounts, Park Seo-joon shared, “In my head, I think, ‘if I meet her privately, I’ll be proving them right,’ since the articles came out twice, which I feel lượt thích that it’s narrowing my interpersonal relationships.”

He then smiled as he said, “On a positive note, I would like to act opposite her (Baek Jin-hee) in my next project and show our fantastic chemistry, as Ji Sung-hyung and Hwang Jung-eum noona.”

In Kill Me Heal Me, Park Seo-joon will be acting as both the twin brother of Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jung-eum) and the genius novelist Oh Ri On.

Park Seo-joon said, “Actually, I think that many people didn’t anticipate this project. But no one knows unless the lid opens. I also think that the viewership rating is God’s realm but thankfully, I think our project has the perfect balance between directing, scripts & acting.”

Kill Me Heal Me will depict the love story between the heir to a conglomerate company with multiple personality disorder and his private doctor, starring Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-eum, Park Seo-joon và more.